Responsible Fishing: Practices You Should Follow

Responsible Fishing: Practices You Should Follow

April 13, 2018 0 By pelican

Fishing is a source of joy to many. With the love of this sport, it comes with the responsibilities we must uphold. Whether you are just starting out or have been fishing for a long time already, here are some practices and reminders to becoming responsible fishers:

Learning is an everyday process

It is always a good idea to keep on learning about fishing—from the equipment you use to the species of fishes out in the ocean. Never stop seeking new things to learn.


Another part of getting to know your craft is to practice it. Practice proper techniques. Only go for the techniques that are safe and sustainable.


Always be aware of the rules and regulations of the fishing spot you are in. Always be aware of your safety and the safety of others as well.


Know where and where not to fish. There are areas that are closed off and protected from fishing to conserve and replenish the existing species.


Never litter or leave trash behind after you have finished fishing.

These are just a few reminders to practice to become a responsible fisher. How about you? What are the practices you think every fisher should stick to? Feel free to comment down below.