Two States to Include on Your Next Fishing Trip

Two States to Include on Your Next Fishing Trip

May 19, 2018 0 By pelican

With the United States having 50 states, the amount of bodies of water that exist in just one state alone is pretty overwhelming and exciting at the same time—how much more in all 50 states? In this article, we take just two states perfect for fishing that you should include on your next fishing trip!


Minnesota is a state that attracts fishermen from all over. The state has over 10,000 lakes that measure at least 10 acres. With the staggering number of lakes in this state, there are 162 species of fish that can be found in those waters. Walleyes, northern pike and muskies, largemouth and smallmouth bass are some of those 162. Anglers are also known to travel to Minnesota to partake in some frozen winters fishing. A few of Minnesota fishing spots are Otter Tail Lake, Glendalough State Park, and Leech Lake.


Alaska is the perfect state for passionate anglers like yourself. Not only will the number of species excite you but also the beautiful and breathtaking sights Alaska possesses. This state is known for being a good place to hone your skills as an angler. It offers four different types of fishing; namely, sport, subsistence, commercial, and personal fishing. Some well-known fishing spots in Alaska are Talkeetna, Bristol Bay, Innoko River, and Kobuk River.

There certainly are more states to explore. However, if you just need a quick recommendation, starting off with these two is never a wrong move.