Some Common Species of Fish in the US

Some Common Species of Fish in the US

June 7, 2018 0 By pelican

There is no denying that the United States is rich in natural resources and beautiful sights. Thousands of bodies of waters are scattered all over the country and are sure to hold so many species of fishes, both the common and the rare, but let’s focus on the common species you may encounter while fishing in the US.

Largemouth Bass

The Largemouth Bass is one of the most common fishes in North America. This fish can be caught in any season. Some notable features these fish possess are its upper jaw extending beyond the back part of its eye and the separation between its back fins.


The Crappie is a native of the eastern part of the US and in Canada. It refers to two unique fishes, the white crappie, appearing lighter in color and with dark, vertical stripes and the black crappie with its dark spots. These fish are more active during dusk and dawn. You can catch crappies during any season. Some of the best ways to catch a crappie are slip boat fishing, traditional bobber fishing, spider rigging, and vertical jigging.


Walleye fishes derived their name from the orientation of their eyes. The eyes of these fishes protrude outward as if looking at walls. Similar to Crappies, Walleyes usually appear at dusk and dawn. Anglers frequently catch this species of fish during winter sports.

Freshwater Catfish

Catfishes are known for their prominent appearance of barbels which resemble cat whiskers. The taste buds of these fishes are located in their barbels in which if they are to taste something, they simply touch that particular thing with their barbels. This species of fish is known to hide during the day and feed during the night. If you are interested in catching some catfish, it would be best to do so at nightfall.

These are only a few of the thousands of fishes you may encounter while fishing. It’s always good to familiarize yourself with even the most common ones. Enjoy fishing!