The Pelican Man Fishing is a blog dedicated to fishing enthusiasts who share the same passion in this productive and enjoyable pastime. This blog creates content to celebrate the wonders and great moments we experience while fishing. I have created this blog out of my genuine love for fishing, and I am more than excited to share everything I know with like-minded people out there.

I have gone to various fishing spots in different states in the US, ranging from small lakes to wide and vast bodies of water. My interest and love for fishing sprang from the moment my family went on a vacation at a lake. As my other siblings were busy playing in the water, I kept my father company while he fished. He explained to me the workings and complexities of the simple machinery that would, later on, bring joy to me. As I grew older, the more I have become my father, relishing in both the simplicity and complexity fishing holds.

You may wonder why the blog is called “Pelican Man Fishing”. Besides the nature of the blog, I am particularly fond of the legend of the mother pelican. The legend goes that during the time of a famine with nothing to eat, the mother pelican pierced her breast to let blood flow out for her young to be nourished by it and to not die from starvation. Another version says that the mother pelican nourished her dying young with her own blood but unfortunately sacrificed her life in return. As seen in both versions, it both depicted how selfless the mother pelican was for her young. Selflessness is a trait I would always want to embrace and emanate as I believe that all other good values come from it. I have conjured the name to remind myself of the value I would always want to live out and to express how fishing is one of the simplest joys in my life.