Recommended Fishing Spots

Being able to travel around the country, I have indulged in the very activity that I love the most while enjoying the beautiful views and the weather of the places I have been to. Fishing in different places would give you unique experiences each time. Here are some of my favorite fishing places in the United States of America:

Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts

Martha’s Vineyard located in New England, Massachusetts is a fishing spot you would not want to miss out on. Its amazing view adds to your fishing experience. Imagine just casually waiting for fish to bite onto you bait with your eyes fixated on the horizon and the colorfully blended sky. The island is known to house various fishes such as false albacore or “albies” and bonito. Hotels are located nearby, but you can also opt to put up a tent and bask in nature’s glory.

Lake St. Clair in Michigan

Lake St. Clair is considered one of the best fishing spots in the world. The lake measuring 430 square meters is considered to be relatively small but still known for the variety of its fish population and a good playground to practice and get more game fishing experience. If you would prefer to stay close to the lake for easy accessibility, there are various inns and suites that are just five minutes away.

Lake Shelbyville in Illinois

Lake Shelbyville is a man-made reservoir rich in various species of fishes. The awesome lake holds at least 32 species with Carp, Yellow Bass, and Freshwater Drum being the most abundant. It also holds species like Bigmouth Buffalo, Walleye, and White Base. This lake has great fishing spots and can hold various activities to spend time with family. In 2017, a total of 82 tournaments were held at this lake.

The United States holds so many amazing fishing spots, so don’t be afraid to go out and explore. Comment some of your favorite fishing spots down below!